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We are a family owned and operated business, located in Sterling, IL.

About Us

The past ten years, I had the duty of picking out caskets for loved ones throughout the United States. It seemed like everything was the same old wood and metal caskets. So, when I lost a good biker friend of mine, I knew there should be a casket worthy of my deceased buddy.


 After looking online and finding very few custom caskets, I bought my first casket from a friend in the business. I took it home and went to work stripping the metal casket down. Friends in the automotive painting business helped me repaint the casket, keeping the original structural components of the casket intact.


A funeral friend of mine ...

from customers who now were honoring their duty to pick out a casket for a loved one was incredible. They saw my custom casket at his business and said, “That’s the one. No questions asked.” That’s why I started Sterling Casket, to honor those who pass who would love just this kind of casket. I also saw the need for a custom-designed biker cremation urn.


Sterling Casket honors motorcycle riders because we are motorcycle riders. We understand the quality they expect. When you choose a casket or urn from Sterling Casket Company, you can rest assured that it was handcrafted without forfeit of one ounce of quality.

Caskets and Urns for the motorcycle enthusiats.  Signature Colors.  Signature Style.

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Sterling Casket Company, Inc.

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